Tokyo Shop Sparked Couple’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Frank & Kimberly Broz in their Tokyo Pen Shop in Fairfield, Iowa

Serendipity shapes lives. As teenagers Frank Broz and and his future wife Kimberly toured Iowa’s Sister State, the Yamanashi Prefecture of Japan, with a community group. In a Tokyo stationery store, Kimberly admired the exquisite quality of fine Japanese pens. Today she and Frank import and sell Japanese pens, washi tape, stickersmechanical pencilsjournals, and other niche merchandise online and inside their Tokyo Pen Shop near the Fairfield, Iowa town square. Formerly high-tech workers in Apple’s Cupertino, California headquarters, the couple enjoys operating a business that allows them to use their technological skills to enhance the merchandising of fine Japanese stationery. Below they describe their journey from hobbyists to full-time entrepreneurs.

Stationery Store Sparks Artists Creativity

People who are serious about their work are serious about their tools – Frank Broz, Co-Owner of the Tokyo Pen Shop

Award-winning author and artist Michelle Edwards writes & illustrates stories for children and adults. Her books are about family, friendship, knitting, and community. Instagram is her sandbox, where she explores new ideas. She enjoys drawing #StudioScrawls with Japanese pens at The Tokyo Pen Shop, too.