Garden Pests Bothering You? Moni’s Here to Help!

Volunteer Helps Gardeners & Farmers Control Pesky Bugs

To teach gardeners sustainable, simple tricks to keep pests off vegetable plants, entomologist Moni Hayne created an e-book. Garden Insect Pests of North America: Pictures for Identifying and Organic Controls  contains pictures of 30 common insect pests. It also explains which are the good bugs that you shouldn’t control (because they eat bad ones). Moni, who holds two degrees in entomology, has participated in research projects involving many vegetable and fruit crops. She shares her insect and plant knowledge via volunteer programs in schools, 4-H clubs, and conservation groups at the local, state, and national level. Thanks, Moni!

Click below to hear entomologist Moni Hayne’s gardening & writing advice.