Jeanette Hopkins, Stormy Mochal, and Wendy Cavanaugh


Here’s Wendy Cavanaugh signing a copy of Pumpkin in the Sky, a colorful, fun picture/cookbook about baking pies.  Wendy wrote, illustrated, designed, and self-published this picture book to teach people that baking scrumptious pumpkin pies needn’t be a chore. Handle the dough, mix the pumpkin with your fingers, don’t bother chilling the butter–and you’ll still have a great pie, Wendy insists.

Wendy earned her B.A. from the University of Washington and completed graduate work there in Art History. While participating in Princeton University’s Teacher Education Program, she created a French café with fifth and sixth graders and helped them make crepes and éclairs.  She also teaches Transcendental Meditation.

Wendy’s one of three guests I’ll interview on Friday, November 18 at 1 PM on KRUU’s Writers Voices radio show.  The show will be rebroadcast Monday, November 21 at 8 AM and can be live streamed or downloaded (after the initial broadcast) from the archives of KRUU or from Writers Voices.

Jeanette Hopkins, who authored the picture book The Juggler (Ice Cube Press, 2011), will also be on the show.  So will that book’s illustrator, Stormy Mochal.  Stormy co-owns the Outside the Lines Art Gallery in Dubuque, and Jeanette is an educator and past member of the Iowa Writing Project’s Advisory Board.  The Juggler is an exuberant, rhymed picture book about a young French farmer who longs to juggle pot-bellied boars.  Jeanette’s whimsical text and Stormy’s exultant collage illustrations will enchant children while reinforcing counting skills.

Listen in to hear my conversation with these three delightful women!