Bruce Hopkins


When picture book author Jeanette Hopkins visited Fairfield recently to record a Writers Voices interview with me on KRUU, she brought along her husband, Bruce, and his book, When Foxes Wore Red Vests: Finding My Sense of Place. Instantly I was intrigued by this book’s cover; it’s a gray-and-red tinted collage of squirrel skin, wood beads, Bruce’s sketches of birds, and a photograph of his grandfather perched on a car’s running board while scrubbing its roof.

Inside the book Bruce explores his Catskill Mountains youth by interspersing his own thoughtful essays and poems among family photos and¬†evocative pencil drawings made by his late brother Barry. The mix works well. Readers come away not only with an awed appreciation of Bruce’s sense of place but also with a desire to bask in place themselves.

Chatting with Bruce, I learned that both the cover of his book and its contents were drawn from detailed journals he’s kept through the years. ¬†Click here to hear more about Bruce’s writing process and how he and Jeanette nurture children’s love of nature.